MAY 2018

Rosae, Domaine Sol Payré – PARIS Bottle

Produced in the south of the Languedoc Roussillon region, Rosae wine offers sun-drenched flavors of red fruit and a bright dew color.


For this unique Rosae vintage, Domaine Sol Payré’s producers have chosen PARIS DIAMANT bottle. With its beautiful, facetted push-up and round shoulders, it embodies a certain chic and modernity.


Bica Gin, Monte de Bica – MIAMI Bottle

This new gin from the Portuguese region of Alentejo is the result of more than two years of work to arrive at a perfect harmony between the juniper’s spiciness and the sweetness of the orange.


To obtain this gourmet and “trendy” gin, the Monte da Bica distillery carefully selected around ten botanicals including lemongrass, chamomile, coriander, orange blossom, …


Bica gin chose the MIAMI bottle with a very ‘arty’ screen-printed décor.


Plantation XO, Maison Cognac Ferrand – Exclusive Bottle

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Plantation XO rum, Cognac Ferrand entrusted Verallia with the production of this high-end bottle with its gold screen-printed décor.


With its thick glass base, its imposing grooved neck-finish, and its generous body, this bottle deviates totally from the standard and is an extremely attractive product.


At the 2017 World Spirit Awards ceremony – the competition celebrating the finest spirits – the Plantation 20th Anniversary rum won gold medal.


Padma, Corazon Del Sol – ROMA Bottle

Corazon Del Sol’s Padma wine is an Argentinian rosé produced in only 1000 bottles. A tone-setting limited edition.


By carefully selecting each grape to keep only the least colored, the producers have succeeded in creating a light salmon-pink rosé, perfectly delicate on the palette.


With its slender neck, bell-shaped body and most original round push-up, the ROMA bottle enhances the beauty of this rare rosé.


Cori, Costantino – OVATION Bottle

Passito Cori sweet white wine has all the flavor, aroma and authenticity of pure Sicilian products.


With its gentle shoulders and elegant body elongated at the base, the OVATION bottle highlights this Italian wine’s golden amber color.


On the palate, flavors of raisins and hints of citrus fruits bring so much freshness.



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