Black Print, Markus Schneider – BORDEAUX RENAISSANCE Bottle

Pinot Noir, Markus Schneider – Bouteille BOURGOGNE RENAISSANCE

Markus Schneider’s Black Print is a dark and complex German red wine, whose red-black color is obtained by blending perfectly ripe fruits. This powerfully intense wine is both fruity and spicy.


The BORDEAUX RENAISSANCE bottle with its dark label adds an extra touch of elegance.


Discover more bottles, including Pinot Noir on this link:!/de/kollektion/rot/


Fair Rum, Fair Spirits – OVATION Bottle

FAIR Rum is a rum made from distilling molasses according to a traditional process used in the Caribbean for centuries. The special feature about FAIR products is that they combine fair trade, sustainable development and French savoir-faire. This gives us an intense and lively 5-year-old rum to be discovered by all keen rum lovers.


The elegant, oval-bottomed OVATION model brings out the FAIR Rum’s amber color beautifully.


Gin De Vin & Sirop De Tonic Lybr, Lybr – STOCKHOLM Bottle

Established in January 2016, the LYBR brand was born from an encounter between a wine dealer and a Languedoc winemaker. Together, they created a wine gin by distilling environmentally-friendly “wine-growers’ wines” and launched, under the same brand name, the first French Tonic spirit, a delightful combination of bitters (quinine, gentian), citrus fruits (orange, grapefruit, lemongrass) and aphrodisiac (ginger)!


The STOCKHOLM bottle’s cube-shaped body and delicately rounded shoulders really make this gin x tonic syrup duo stand out.


Cognac Park Mizunara, Tessendier & Fils – MOONEA Bottle

The Mizunara is a rare Japanese variety of oak, used to make barrels for ageing premium spirits. Maturing in this special barrel provides smoothness and depth while imparting complex, spicy overtones to this PARK cognac. 100% vintage Borderies, its smooth, rounded taste reveals floral hints while delicately packing a mean Japanese punch.


A unique cognac in every sense of the word, bottled in the MOONEA model.


Pink Gin, Henkell & CO. – MIAMI Bottle

An innovative combination of gin and strawberries, Pink Gin leaves a sparkling sensation on the pallet, blending freshness and hints of delicately sweetened red fruit.


The Polish producer Henkell & CO. opted for the MIAMI bottle, with its square base and oval-shaped shoulders. A perfect container-contents match.



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