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August 2018

Zirkova, Straight Zirkova

For its premium ‘Zirkova Together’ brand, the Ukrainian vodka producer Straight Zirkova has chosen Selective Line to create this exclusive bottle. Its unique geometrical design unveils a full-bodied premium vodka rich in aromas of aniseed and spices with notes of vanilla for a smooth aftertaste.


Zirkova scored 93/ 100 and was granted the ‘Excellent, highly recommended’ label at the Ultimate Beverage Challenge 2017, international competition for the best spirits.


Baie des Perles, Gérard Bertrand

Building on the success of its white wine produced on coastal vineyards, Gérard Bertrand’s Baie des Perles cuvée now comes in a refined rosé magnified by the MALICE Perle bottle and superbly sealed by a powder pink Vinolok closure.


On the neck of this Design by Chantal Thomass container, the pearls embellish a rosé that will go perfectly with seafood and shellfish in particular.


A hedonistic rosé.


Miura, Caballero

The Spanish producer Caballero has chosen Selective Line to create its new exclusive bottle with its statuary and customized design bearing Miura engravings on either side.


This bottle contains a premium cream liqueur made according to a traditional recipe from Seville.


The maceration of sour cherries in aniseed brandy and then distilled in centennial alembics gives a smooth and creamy taste.


Remyx Vodka

The design brief for Remyx Vodka was to go for a style born straight out of the imagination, a cosmic design created by the flamboyant artist Kikor. The MOONEA bottle dresses this first vodka to come from the Cosmos.


Smooth and light, enshrouded in mystery, it reveals in one subtle touch the tangy freshness of lime.


Drink it neat or mix it in your cocktail inspirations.


Årets Akvavit, Taster Wines

The DISTINCTION bottle highlights the 2017 edition of the Danish aquavit Årets Akvavit from Taster Wines brand.


Sold exclusively for Christmas festivities in ALDI Denmark stores, this schnapps made from an ancient recipe unveils light notes of spices.


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