JULY 2018

Three Spades Cider, DeGrendel – CELESTE Bottle

The South-African company DeGrendel chose the dark amber CELESTE beer glass bottle for its high-end cider. Three Spades Cider is produced in limited quantities with freshly pressed apples from Elgin, one of the main apple-growing regions in South Africa.


Creating Three Spades Cider gave Charles Hopkins, cellar master at De Grendel, the opportunity to combine his knowledge of the wine world with the art of cider-making.


Tribal Lion, Cape Wine Company – BOURGOGNE RENAISSANCE Bottle

Most of the Grapes used to make this wine are grown on dry land at an altitude of more than 200 meters and situated close to the ocean where cooling Atlantic breezes give its fruits a distinctive physical character. Tribal Lion Pinotage 2016 brings to the palate the different facets of this wonderful blend.


The BOURGOGNE RENAISSANCE bottle’s classicism is added to an ultra-modern label that reveals Tribal Lion character.


Mezan Rum, Mezan – MOONEA Bottle

The moonea glass bottle combined with a new minimalist and craft design sublimate the amber shades of the Mezan’s rums. Mezan rums are bottled unsweetened, uncolored and only lightly filtered.


These rums grasp the depth and diversity of the Caribbean, offering the purest and most authentic flavours.


Coming from a single distillery and without blending, the vintage rums represent the truest spirit of their producer and their origin.


RoseMary, Rhonea – CELESTE Bottle

The CELESTE bottle, with its long, thin neck and rounded body, beautifully shows off this rosé which embodies the South of France and its lifestyle.


RoseMary is an ode to the aromas of the Mediterranean. Fine and elegant, the delicate freshness of its fruity grapes make it an exceptional rosé to be uncorked in all situations.


Ada Lovelace Gin, The Family Coppola – LOS ANGELES Bottle

Francis Ford Coppola’s gin is a fantastic tribute to Ada Lovelace, the world’s first computer programmer (developers have all heard of ADA language).


This ‘English-style’ gin is as unique and remarkable as the woman it honours. A visionary selection of 10 plants harvested in Napa and Sonoma, and pure water sourced in Napa.


With its square shoulders and statuary body, the LOS ANGELES glass bottle adorns this creation perfectly.



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