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MAY 2020

Chopo, MALICE bottle

Chopo, in its MALICE bottle, is a wine with an intense aroma with notes of flowers, red and tropical fruits. The balanced and surprisingly rich taste of the wine shows the roundness of the texture, fresh acidity and invigorating tones of peach, strawberry and mango framed by sweet notes of fruit candies.

Recidive, CELESTE bottle

The Belgian Strong Ale Recidive in its golden-colored CELESTE bottle produces when poured a fine, creamy white head. The beer releases grainy, fruity aromas with a subtly sweet and balanced taste.

Widow Jane bourbon, MOONEA bottle

MOONEA was chosen for this blend of 14-year plus bourbon whiskey. The whiskey is aged in unique American oak casks, in combination with 8 year-old air-dried wood, to develop a unique taste profile influenced by each season, creating a rich and distinguished whiskey.

Barranco, EGO bottle

Barranco in its EGO bottle is made exclusively with viognier grapes from the Río Hurtado vineyard, located in the Andes Mountains, in the Limarí Valley, only 45km from Argentina. At 1,600 meters above sea level, this unique mountain vineyard is one of the three highest in Chile.

Bara dry gin, MIAMI Bottle What could be better than a MIAMI bottle to underline the excellence of this Brazilian gin, a gin ideal for all drinks and cocktails, from the most classic to the most innovative.



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