JUNE 2019

Le Secret de Julie – Atlanta Bottle

“Julie’s Secret” is an elegant rosé wine with redcurrant aromas and an iodized bouquet due to its closeness to the Mediterranean Sea. The first impression on the palate is sweet with fresh and light notes.

Dressed in the Atlanta Bottle, its vinolok closure blends perfectly with the freshness expressed by a satin-effect silk-screen printing, allowing it to reveal its “Rose Petal” color that does not go unnoticed.

Chocolate Moose, Corbières – Borgata Bottle

Chocolate Moose, bottled in a Borgata Bottle, has been selected in the heart of the Corbières appellation, in the Languedoc region, in the South of France.

This red wine is a tribute to winegrowers who brave the difficult conditions to produce wonderful wines bursting with sunshine, bringing them intense aromas of ripe licorice fruit.

Philadelphia Boulevard – Moonea bottle

Our Moonea bottle has been chosen for the new Premium Russian vodka brand Philadelphia Boulevard. Available in two versions: vodka as a first and coffee liquor the second.

Amazing smell and taste hidden in bottles decorated by Verallia Polska.

RainGin – Ovation Bottle

Our Ovation bottle has been chosen for the new design of N Gin Vlc. It is a 100% organic gin from head to toe, made with rainwater from the Sierra Nevada region, and distilled with Valencian plants.

This fine spirit develops exceptional flavours thanks to the maceration of juniper berries, lemon rind, angelica root, coriander seeds and black pepper, giving it its exceptional character.

Wood Aged I.P.A – Celeste Bottle

Wood Aged is a fine dark beer for tasting, unfiltered and doubly aged in Nuit Saint Georges casks and in barrels of great red Maury, and bottled in the prestigious Celeste bottle.

Elegant, woody beer, with exquisite aromas of red fruits, tasty, generous and perfectly balanced.
Its double ageing in barrels of very fine wine gives it its unique character and an aromatic explosion in the mouth. A surprising combination of power and softness. Available only in limited series, this exceptional beer, recognized worldwide, has won gold medals at the international Beer Challenge, the France Beer Challenge, and finally the famous World beer Awards.



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