APRIL 2019

Ergo Sum,Castelli di Jesi Verdicchio – Bourgogne Renaissance Magnum bottle (slide 1)

Ergo Sum is an Italian white wine made from Verdicchio grapes that, after maturing in the bottle, releases intense aromas of white fruits combined with complex and persistent citrus honey notes.

The organic grapes that give life to the product have been carefully selected by the estate to guarantee the best possible quality and make it one of the most recognized wines in Italy.

The Magnum format was chosen by Montecappone Mirizzi, and in particular the Bourgogne Renaissance glass bottle, rounded on a jewel base with its 9 gadroons, gives the perfect t bottle that gives character to this exceptional wine.

Las 75 Vendimias, Emilio González – Bordeaux Renaissance bottle (slide 2)

Bodega San Gregorio was founded in 1965 in Cervera de la Cañada and belongs to the Calatayud appellation. In this territory, located in the foothills of the Iberian system, the estate selects the best grapes from the Ribota and Manubles valleys.

Las 75 Vendimias is a purple-colored red wine, beautifully intensified by the Bordeaux Renaissance glass bottle.

The intense and complex bouquet develops aromas of prunes, balsamic, tobacco, vanilla and flowers. Tasting ends with a beautiful, velvety roundness on the palate.

Mamoré, Sovibor – Oxford bottle (slide 3)

Sovibor – Sociedade de Vinhos de Borba, celebrated its 50th anniversary. To mark the occasion, the choice of bottle for its brandy “Velhíssima Mamoré” was made from Verallia’s luxury range, Selective Line.

For this unique Brandy, Sovibor chose the top-of-the-range Oxford glass bottle, a square decanter, an imposing body with a majestic glass block on the bottom.

Available in extra-flint, this bottle gives strength and personality to such an exceptional brandy.

Ictis, Brasserie De Sutter – Paris bottle (slide 4)

Ictis, packaged in the Paris glass bottle, is a certified organic French beer.

Organic and logical, De Sutter Brewery highlights the richness of its terroir thanks to its “L’Etat Sauvage” range by selecting 100% local raw materials, thanks to partnerships developed with farmers in the region.

The processing of barley, wheat and oat malts provides a good balance and a long finish, while the peps comes from the light and floral hopping.

Snic Vodka, Licores de Los Andes – Atlanta bottle (slide 5)

SNIC VODKA packaged in the Atlanta glass bottle is a liqueur with an intense and powerful red color.

This new spirit, straight from South America, was born from blending the magic of natural ingredients from the Andrean mountains in Ecuador, such as blackberry, concentrated in vodka liqueur.

Such a combination of outstanding products makes this liqueur exceptional and will delight all the senses of its consumers



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