February 2020

Limoncello Borbone, Bottle LOS ANGELES

Developed in the 1940s by the Di Costanzo family, Limoncello Borbone is a premium liqueur, incomparable for its fragrance, color and pleasantly sweet taste with tangy notes. The LOS ANGELES bottle enhances the elegance of this product.

Heet, Vodka, Bottle OSAKA

Beautifully refined by the OSAKA bottle, Heet is an explosion of aromas on the palate. Its taste, slightly sweet with notes of cinnamon and pepper, ends with a pleasant spiciness. This vodka is the perfect blend of a little sweetness and a lot of warmth.

Hambre Gin, Bottle KOBE

Made from 14 plants, Hambre gin is in line with the standards of English micro-distilleries. However, don’t be mistaken, this craft production comes straight from Brazil, in the Curitiba region. With its retro look, KOBE shows off this new gin perfectly.

Héritage, Bottle PARIS

The PARIS bottle was chosen to underline the exceptional character of this vintage blanc de blanc. Its unique and subtle dosage brings out the very best of this white wine, bearing the know-how and memory of the men who have left their mark on it. It should be noted that the silk-screen printing was carried out by Saga Décor using the Artefakt process.

Pape Clément Blanc, Bottle BORDEAUX RENAISSANCE

This dry white wine from Bordeaux and Pessac Léognan combines richness, concentration and finesse. Pape Clément now uses for its white wine the same bottle as for its red wine, namely the BORDEAUX RENAISSANCE with an engraving.



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